Sunday, 13 April 2014

I'm Back!

I had almost forgotten about this blog. Came across it again by accident when I was looking through my Google Account.

When I was going through the old posts and saw my Gold Summary Post with my starting gold.

Today that is a lot bigger. Today's Gold Total.

Almost doubled my money in 12 months. Yes that a little "slow" compared to others but that pretty good.

Hopefully more posts will come and with the new expansion Warlords on Draenor coming out I hope more posts will too.

See you in the AH!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Auction House Arsenal

Part 2 - Addons

I have been trying to avoid this post like the plague because its been done to death by nearly everyone.

But the truth is you cannot do this series of posts without mentioning them.

Addons are an essential part of any gold makers kit. Many of them you may be using for what ever reason cause it makes things easier for you. Rather than reinvent the wheel and tell you have to configure and setup these addons, I am going to list the addons the use and point you in the direction of some simple guides on how to configure and set them up.

TradeSkillMaster & TradeSkillMaster Application

TradeSkillMaster (TSM) is the bread and butter of a goblins gold making kit.

The first part is the TSM Application, this is not technically an addon, its more of a companion.

This little program runs in the windows background. It automatically downloads the Auction House data from Blizzard's API's and loads them into the AuctionDB. Next time you login in or /reload the new data is loaded.

The TSM Addon its self does all your crafting, posting, canceling, searches, shopping lists all it one neat little package.

By setting up your profit margins on your profession and the ammount to craft TSM will scan your profession book and tell you what to craft based on the AH data loaded from the TSM Application. 

By setting up posting groups you can then have the addon post all your items. If no items are posted it will post at the price you set or undercut the item. If the items goes below a certain price TSM will not post the item.

With the scroll of you mouse wheel you can have 300 items posted in a matter of seconds. Greate for posting all the glyphs.


Auctionator is used to easily purchase items in bulk, sell items and check for undercuts on your items posted on the Auction House.

You can create shopping lists for all those items you are always searching for such as ore, cloth, herbs or maybe something else?

Searches and Shopping Lists
Checking for Undercuts
Now these are what I call the "Gold Making/Auction House" Addons. Now we need some "management" addons to handle all those items in the mailbox and keeping track of gold/sales.

TSM does track some of the information (but in a lot more detail) but for a quick overview of how your going these are really handy.


Postal is an addon that makes collecting items from the mailbox a breeze. With one click you can open all your mail and collect it all. With a little tweaking you can have it collect all your items but leave the Auction Successful mail behind so you can see whats been sold.

My Sales

Keeps track of items sold, buyers, sales of items when sold etc. Great for a brief overview of what your selling and when.


Gives you an overview of your gold earned per session, day, week and overall. Gold held on each toon where your gold is spent and earned.

Using these addons can be daunting at first but once you get the hang of them you will see how easy it can be and wonder how you did anything with out them before.


Postal is an easy one to setup. Look at the pic below and you will find the Option to untick. OpenAll --> Faction AH-related mail --> Open all Auction successful mail. Do the same for Neutral AH-related mail.

MySales and Accountant do not require any setup. Install the addons and it starts recording the info.

Auctionator Setup

Head on over to Alto's Goldish Advise for a great guide on creating and using Auctionator Shopping Lists, easy guide to get you started.


Configuring TSM can be very daunting at first but once you get the hang of it you will find it very handy.

Corda over at Market's of Gold has a great guide on setting up TSM. This will give you the basics as well as setup a profession ready for crafting and posting. You can then adapt this information for your needs.

This should give you a good start on your gold making opportunities.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Auction House Arsenal

Part 1 - Having a Routine

With so much to see and do this expansion having a routine will greatly improve your prospects of making gold.

Now I am using the term term "routine" loosely. You can call it a plan, to-do list, guide, what ever you like. As long as you have a foundation down you can then ensure that you are doing everything you need too and you want forget something.

Before we begin to prepare a routine we need to take a look at our professions and characters to decide where to begin.

Lets take a look at what I have:

  • Level 90 Mage
    • Tailoring - 600
    • Enchanting - 600
  • Level 87 Paladin
    • Jewelcrafting - 600
    • Mining - 585
  • Level 85 Death Knight
  • Level 86 Hunter

Now that we have taken a look at where we sit we can see that some of our professions offer a cool down that produces an item that can be either sold or used to craft items.

So to begin this routine we would log onto those characters and complete their daily cool down. I would then log onto any characters that post items on the Auction House. I would collect expired items and gold from the mailbox and re-list the items on the Auction House.

So I have completed my cool downs and re-listed items. As I have a max level scribe and selling glyphs, I would then log onto to my scribe and craft any glyphs that I have sold and run out of and post these on the Auction House.

Once done listing items I will now move onto daily quests to complete to increase my reputation with a faction that gives an advantage to my professions. As I currently have one max level character I will be working on my Golden Lotus reputation which rewards Tailoring Patterns at Honoured and once revered will open the Shado-Pan Daily quests which reward the Enchanting Formulas at Revered.

I would also recommend doing the Tillers Daily Quests for your farm. Once you  reach revered status you can plant special crops that produce Ore, Herbs, Cloth etc. Before then plant vegetables.

As I don't get much time to play after work and real life commitments this may be all I get done during the week but if time permits I would also try leveling my other characters to 90 to unlock the daily quests for the faction that helps their profession.

So lets take a look at our routine so far:

  • Log on and complete daily cool downs
    • Imperial Silk
    • Gem Research
    • Scroll of Wisdom
    • Living Steel
  • Collect items from mailbox
  • Re-post items on Auction House not sold.
  • Craft glyphs to sell on AH
  • Complete Golden Lotus/Tillers Daily Quests
    • Rotate/Swap days if time does not allow to complete both
  • Continue to level other toons to 90

So now that we have a routine to get us started until more characters reach 90. As more characters reach 90 adjust accordingly to what you want to achieve. Change days you do daily quests. Skip a day on quests and level a character. 

A little bit of change in a routine can be a good thing so we don't get bored and loose the fun and enjoyment out of playing.

So now we come to an end of our first post in the series "Auction House Arsenal". We have a routing and we are ready to being. Next stop.....

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Gold Summary

I have started to become known in my guild as "money bags" because of the amount of gold I have and my ability to make gold.

I thought it best that I let people know how much gold I currently have and what I have eared in the last 7 - 30 days.

I am currently sitting on 326,084g 77s 66c 

My weekly sales

Last 7 days: 18,151g 26s 84c
Last 30 days: 190,587g 30s 80c

Now this is just sales, lets look at my purchases:

Last 7 days: 11,136g 2s 58c
Last 30 days: 115,157g 99s 88c

Profit 7 days: 7015g 24s 26c
Profit 30 days: 75,429g 30s 92c

Now as you can see i am not heavily making gold but I am making a steady stream of gold. 

I am currently working on a series of posts entitled "Auction House Arsenal" and I hope to cover a wide range of topics that will give you the foundations to start making gold.

More to come soon....

Friday, 19 October 2012

Strange Dust selling

Hallow's End has begun and now its time to reset the market on an unusual piece of material [Strange Dust].

Strange Dust is required for a quest turn in [Taking Precautions] which is part of a small quest chain that rewards a [Creepy Crate]

So for those people that are stocking up on Battle Pets this is a nice item to sell.

I bought out my AH last night of Strange Dust. They were selling for about 50s a piece. Picked up about 1000 pieces. I have managed to flip them for between 8g - 10g a piece. 

I can flip these for anything above 50s and make a profit. I was the only one doing this for a few hours. Did not take long for competition to creep in but prices are still sitting at about 4g - 5g a piece.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Time is Money

I was posting items on the AH when someone posted a comment in trade chat asking for the prices of Mage portals. I responded that "A portal can cost between 10g - 25g+ depending on how generours the tipper is"

The poster responded, Why so much it costs nothing to open a portal anymore?

I responded "You are paying for the mages time and service to open a portal, time is money friend"

Responses to this comment were very positive from trade. Comments from "Good Call", "Exatcly"

The amount of time we spend in game making gold is valuable and we want to maximise it as much as possible.

Use your time wisely. The more time and effort the the more gold returned.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WoW Gold-Making Late-Night Chit-Chat

Tonight I had a lot of fun. I was able to join Jim Younkin from Power Word Gold, esevenf from and @trimbleirl in a Google+ Hangout.

We talked about gold making, our impressions from 5.0.4 and all things WoW plus more.

We will be doing this again in the future.

You can see our session from the link below.